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Yes, wouldn’t it be great if everything here at Talking to Teens could be free? We think so too. But take a moment to look around you. Do you see any ads anywhere? Do you hear any “messages from our sponsors”?


We are researchers, not business moguls. We firmly believe that science shouldn’t be biased by the need to sell advertisements or land corporate sponsorships. So the site runs similar to PBS or NPR. We rely on people like you to support us.

But unlike PBS and NPR we don’t hold funding drives every year to raise money. We don’t beg you to help us out. We create informative, entertaining, exclusive content and then parents all over the world who find our work valuable decide to give us a few dollars to get access to more.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you get if you decide to become a member:

The Interactive Online Course

We spent a full year working with an award-winning documentary film director, a team of software programmers, and 5 leading experts to develop this 10-lesson course. In addition to being jammed with useful information, the course features a unique learning tool called a ‘Perception Check’, which we developed ourselves. At the start of each lesson you will answer a few questions and then, as the lesson progresses, you will see how your responses compare to the answers given by all of the other parents who have taken the course before you.

Our research, published in peer-reviewed journals, proves that this approach is among the most effective methods ever created for teaching parent-teen communication skills.

In this course we cover topics like how to turn arguments into opportunities to teach your teen a valuable lesson, what to do when your teen shuts down and won’t open up, why teens are moody and grumpy so often, and much more. The video below provides a quick summary of what you can expect from each of the 10 lessons.

If you haven’t already checked out the free first lesson, click “COURSE” in the menu at the top of the screen to get started.

The Talking to Teens Podcast

Do you ever read a great book or article and wish that you could have lunch with the author and ask him or her a few questions? On the Talking to Teens podcast, parenting expert Andy Earle tracks down some of the world’s best-selling authors, most popular speakers, and brightest minds. He sits down with these people for an hour and drills them about what parents of teenagers can learn from their work.

Then our team spends weeks editing, mixing, and mastering the audio to produce a single 20-minute episode. And, of course, unlike typical podcasts, ours doesn’t have commercials.

If you haven’t already check out our podcast, visit the homepage to listen to a free episode!

We usually release one free episode each month and 3-4 episodes that are reserved for paying members only. So if you aren’t ready to sign up for a subscription yet, at least get on the email list using the form at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss out on the free episodes!

The Community

Our members get access to a private discussion forum where parents can share their experiences, get advice from one of our licensed family therapists, or read stories from other parents for inspiration.

We also use the forum to decide what guests to bring on the podcast in the future and what topics to write articles about and do research on. This site is for you, so let your voice be heard and tell us what you want. The forum is the best place to do that.

In addition, we hold free in-person meet-up groups in various cities across the United States. This gives our members an opportunity to connect face-to-face with other parents in their area and to discuss their experiences with Andy or one of our other parenting experts.

One-on-One Help from Our Experts

We have a team of licensed therapists who have gone through extensive training in our methods. They are pros at helping parents get immediate results with difficult teens. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you can either ask these experts questions in our forum, get answers from them via email, or hop on the phone once a week with your own dedicated teenage expert for 45 minutes.

For more information about the membership options we have available, click the button below. Thanks for your interest in Talking to Teens!

About Andy
Andy Earle is a researcher at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studies adolescent risk behavior and the role of parents in helping teens thrive. He publishes papers and speaks to groups of parents about the science of talking to teens. Reach him any time at [email protected]
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